Wayne Bickley’s “Mo Amps” Electric Corvette


Formerly a Supercharged 396 with a T-trim Vortech Supercharger the motor was producing 10 pounds of boost at 5500 RPM’s

With the extreme California emissions standards, it was difficult to keep this car in a position to meet the changing emission laws.

This page covers the journey in converting this car to a certified BEV Battery Electric Vehicle.


The Battery Pack consists of 14 Tesla S Modules. The pack voltage is about 340 Volts.  The range is right at  about 160 miles.


The Controller is  a Zilla EHV 2K capable of producing 2000 Amps at 348 nominal volts.


The power is from a Siamese Netgain 9” Warp motors capable of 170V each and up to a total of 1800 Amps. These are 9.5” diameter motors. They are coupled to a Powerglide transmission capable of handling 1000HP and 1000 ft/lbs of torque

What’s new with the 1996 Electric Corvette?  

A new Tesla Battery Pack is in!.

I just finished installing 14 Tesla Battery Modules. Each module contain 444 individual cells which is 74 cell in series and 6 parallel. They are capable of about 1500 Amps. Each module weighs about 55  pounds. I was able to shed over 100 pounds and almost 2 times the range. The individual cells are about 240 AH.

This is a blast  to drive!

Stay tuned-

1996 Chevrolet Corvette

3555Lbs. / 340V Nominal Battery Pack / Zilla 2K EHV Controller / Netgain Siamese 9” Motors / Powerglide Transmission / QA1 Coilover Suspension / 14Tesla S85 Modules 240Ah Batteries